Terms and Conditions (User Agreement)

The User Agreement governs the relations between Sole Proprietorship Permiakov Aleksandr which is comprised of the website (hereinafter to be referred to as the Site) and the program for Windows (hereinafter to be referred to as the Program) on the one hand and the individual (hereinafter to be referred to as the User) on the other handwho wants to install an image (hereinafter to be referred to as the Image) on the desktop, upload the Image to the Site, or use the Site or Program in any other way..

By taking the advantage of uploading images or using the Site or the Program in any other way, the User agrees to follow all the terms of the given User Agreement and comply with them, otherwise stops using the Site.

WallpapersEveryDay gives the possibility to the User to upload an Image to the Site for free and view the Images uploaded by other Users. Uploading is carried out by saving the Image in a shared database of the Site and displaying the Image to the Site Users. The usage of the Site is governed by the given User Agreement.

The User agrees that the Image which is uploaded by him/her to the Site will be available for all other Users either directly on the Site or by compilation through various technical means with reference to the original source (via mail, RSS-compilation, screensaver, blog record, etc.), as well as through the Program. The User agrees that the Image uploaded by him/her to the Site will be available for printing for all Users who have access to the Image.

Near each Image uploaded to the Site there will be shown the User’s Name which he/she selected during the registration in the ‘Nickname’ field in the appropriate page of the Site.

Any Images uploaded by the Users of the Site can be used by WallpapersEveryDay site as advertising or marketing materials published on Internet to attract the attention of other Users to the Images of the given User or to the Site as a whole, either with the indication of the author, or without it, and without the necessity of a special User’s permission and without paying any copyright royalties.

All rights to the Images uploaded on the Site are considered to belong to the Users who upload the Images for as long until there are any reasons to consider otherwise. The Users of the Site do not get any rights to use the Images of other Users outside the opportunities provided by the Site and the Program and are fully responsible to the author for unlawful use of the Images.

The User himself/herself bears responsibility to the third parties for his/her actions associated with designing and uploading of the Images on the Site, and also for that the content of the Image corresponds to the requirements of the legislation and does not violate the rights and legitimate interests of the third parties. The Image as a whole and each of its elements must not violate the rights for copyright, trademark, means of identification and/or rights for other intellectual property matters belonging to the third parties. If the main object of the Image is a person, the User is responsible for ensuring the consent of the person for uploading his/her Image to the Site. The User himself/herself and at his/her own expense agrees to settle all complaints of the third parties related to the designing and uploading of the Images on the Site.

WallpapersEveryDay has the right to refuse uploading of the Image to the Site or remove the Image from the Site without giving a notice or reason to the User at any time. In particular, the grounds for refusal to upload or remove the Image subsequently from the Site are:

  • Usage of the objects, the intellectual property rights for which belong to the third parties;
  • Uploading of the Images, the main object of which is the person, in case the person objects to the uploading of his/her Image on the Site;
  • Uploading of the Images of a pornographic character;

WallpapersEveryDay has the right to change the title of the Image and/or any information characterizing it (including the description and tags) given by the User without giving any notice or reason to the User.

WallpapersEveryDay is not responsible for the use (both lawful and unlawful) of the uploaded Image by the third parties including the reproduction and distribution of the Image in any possible ways.

The services of WallpapersEveryDay Project are provided 'as is'. WallpapersEveryDay does not guarantee the correspondence of the Site and the Program to the objectives and expectations of the Site User, uninterrupted and error-free operation, and safety of the Images uploaded by the Users to the Site and the information which characterizes them. WallpapersEveryDay does not reimburse any losses or damages, direct or indirect, caused to the User or third parties by the use of or inability to use the Site or the Program.

All complaints arising from the use / inability to use the Images on the Site and Program should be sent to one of our contacts.

At any time without a notice to the User WallpapersEveryDay can update the text of the given User Agreement and/or any other terms and conditions of the Site usage. The actual text of this User Agreement is given here: