About the project

As they say, to make a good product, you need to make it so good that we ourselves would like to use it. We truly use WallpapersEveryDay every day for ourselves. That is why a wider audience also likes it.

On the Internet there are many websites with wallpapers for your desktop, but most of them attack you from all sides with banners and pop-ups, so you want to quickly get away, even if there are good pictures. We completely removed all advertising from WallpapersEveryDay for you!

We also solved another problem regarding finding a picture with the correct screen resolutions. Now, due to a mini-program, any picture is automatically adjusted to the desktop’s resolution without distorting the proportions or causing quality loss.

The third remarkable feature of WallpapersEveryDay is the ability to change the pictures on the desktop in just one click or even automatically loading them directly from the website!

To learn more about how to use WallpapersEveryDay visit the Help page.

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions? Feel free to contact our support team.